Samsung Looking to Reveal 3 New Foldable Phones in 2021

With the suggestion of the rumors that Samsung is preparing to let down the note lineup, according to a report the company is working on three new foldable phones in place of the note lineup for the year 2021. According to the OLED researchers of UBI Research that Samsung will its 3 new foldable phones which will be Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Fold Lite, and the Galaxy Z Flip 2 in 2021.

Furthermore, the research firm also reveals the specifications of the display for the next three affordable phones. They suggest that Samsung will feature ultra-thin glass protection and will used LTPO technology which will provide improved efficiency in terms of power consumption.

Samsung will be trying to remove the flaws that were present in past generations. As the next generation is featuring new and improved technology in all of the three new devices. Which will provide its users a better experience and performance.

This year Samsung is trying to target a broad spectrum of users with its foldable as compare to the previous generation of the phone and will be looking forward to establishing itself as the biggest foldable phone manufacturer.

Here is a Little Detail About Each Phone

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung looking to reveal 3 new foldable phones in 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was a massive jump over the Samsung fast generation of affordable phones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also feature a pretty much similar design to its previous counterpart. According to the research fame, the phone will feature a 7-inch foldable screen on the inside of the phone which is a downgrade from Galaxy Z Fold 2 7.6 inches, and on the outside, it will have a 4-inch screen which is way too much smaller than Z Fold 2 6.2 inches massive display.

The most prominent feature of the Samsung Galaxy Z3 will be its display selfie camera. By this Samsung will provide its users a clean viewing experience when the phone will be unfolded. That would be a great jump forward as compare to its previous generation. The phone will also be supporting Samsung’s S pen.

2. Design

Samsung will not be making too many changes in the design of this phone as it will be nearly identical to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. As the design of the Z Fold, 2 was quite an excellent design. Maybe we could see some improvement from Samsung in terms of design.

3. Camera

In terms of the Camera, the phone will be featuring an under-display camera which will be a great jump from its previous generation. The camera will be transparent which will be hiding under the screen until you are using the camera.

4. Release date Z Fold 2

Samsung usually holds its big events in the first half of the year, where Samsung reveal flagship-level smartphones, along with all of the other products that are ready to sell. According to the leaks, the launch date of Samsung’s flagship-level phone will be early than its previous releases may be as soon as the end of January or the first half of February. Or maybe in the mid of the year with other Samsung foldable phone which is targeted to an audience in the budget segment.

5. Price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

In terms of price, the cost of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was $1,999 which was the by far most expensive Samsung device. The price of Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also be nearly the same as its previous generation.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite

As the name suggests the phone will be the liter version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that will feature the same screen size as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. The 2 features that will make it more budget-friendly will be its punch-hole selfie camera rather than under the display camera module, the phone will also feature a mid-range chipset rather than a flagship one.

3. Price of Z Fold Lite

According to the rumors, the phone will come in a price tag of 1200 $. The phone will not be featuring all the flagship specs but it will be targeted towards budget-oriented people and provide a much cheaper foldable phone to its users. The phone can become a mainstream foldable phone if the price can get a few 100 $ down. Maybe it could be the first mainstream foldable phone.

4. Release date of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite

The phone will be released roundabout at the same time as of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The question that comes with the release of the Samsung foldable smartphone lineup is that whether they will be releasing with mainstream S 21 at the beginning of this year or will be released later in March.

3.Galaxy Z Flip 2

The Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be featuring the same screen size of 6.7 inches on the inside which will be the same as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 but the outer display will be 3 inches according to a report. This means that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be a direct competitor of Moto Razor 5G. Samsung may be let you use some of the main features and apps on the outside screen.

4. Processing Power

The phone will be supporting snapdragon 865+ which will be an upgrade from the previous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The phone will also be supporting 5G. As mentioned above.

5. Display of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

 The phone will have a much larger display than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.  The display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 is said to be a 120 Hz display the hinge of the phone will also be upgraded as compared to the previous generation.

6. Camera

In terms of camera, the phone might be a featuring a triple camera setup. The previous model Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was featuring a dual-camera setup so this could be an upgrade in the camera department. The battery cell may be a bit larger than the previous phone but the exact size of the battery cell is not revealed to this day.

7. Battery

The phone will have a battery of 3,300 math and will provide you with a decent battery timing.

In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be a featuring a premium design and will have very thin bezels.

The phone might be the first foldable phone by Samsung this year as it may be releasing at the end of January or in the first half of February.  


Samsung is looking to establish itself as the biggest and trustworthy foldable phone manufacturer and trying to create a monopoly in the market of foldable phones. This year could be a great success for Samsung foldable phone lineup as Samsung is trying to target every kind of audience from budget phone lovers to tech enthusiasts. This could be a great strategy for Samsung this year foldable phones and may establish Samsung as the biggest giant in foldable smartphones. As Samsung was the first company to introduce a mainstream Foldable phone that is why Samsung is looking to become the only foldable smartphone producing trustworthy company.

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