OnePlus Watch with Circular Display Tipped to Launch Alongside OnePlus 8T

We all know that one plus is tremendously doing well from the last couple of years just because they have improved their self into the where is different industries including the smartphone industry. Recently they have no it there bullet earbuds which term to be the best product and truly worthy when it comes to the pricing. The report states that the one plus is about to launch their upcoming watch with a circular display.

This could be a great option for those who are willing to purchase the OnePlus products and a huge fan of OnePlus. We all know that one plus is one of the leading brands that serving as many products on across the globe. The only reason behind its success is that they used to serve as many features at affordable pricing, though the smartphones are bit expensive but truly worthy just because you won’t get that feature in any of the Other Smartphones under at the same budget.

If you are about to know more info about OnePlus watch make sure to stick with the post-peel and just because I will conclude some of the essential entities regarding the stuff. So for now without any further ADO let’s get started.

What about OnePlus Watch?

The Indonesian certification website recently trapped the OnePlus watch and the few pictures of OnePlus watch where lived on the official website which states that OnePlus is about to reveal their upcoming Smartwatch. According to rumours oneplus is about to enter the smartwatch industry which means a lot at the demand of smartwatches are consistently increasing day by day.

When there is no official announcement from oneplus regarding the Smartwatch but according to the rumours this smartwatch will be considered to be the premium category smartwatch which we compared to the recently launched Samsung Smartwatch.

Recently we found that Max. J twitter on Twitter the routers about oneplus smartwatch, it states to be the word ‘WOTCH’ and they have served a picture which states the generic smartwatch face from the top. Well it is not the confusion it’s because the name clearly showcases that they are about to talk about the smartwatch. Along with that the upside-down the logo is being created that includes the watch pattern that clearly satisfies the guessing.

The rumours are coming out this Smartwatch will consist of the circular dial that will look similar to the Fossil Q Smartwatch, but the features are not yet confirmed so you might get impressed in the launch event. Oneplus usually reviews there product details and the launch event itself. The troll by Max. J is kind of true just because the smartwatch industries are doing well and people are heading off to the innovative gadgets that helps them in a regular basis.

What Does the Report States?

As there is no official announcement from the oneplus but according to the rumours it will not be the clone copy of Apple watch, also not the copy of oppo watch. Which means one plus is about to drip that square design which is being copied by most of the brands.

But as we know that the upcoming Vivo watch is kind of similar to the other circular watches which is being popular. So you might consider the oneplus one to be similar to the Vivo watch which is being launched in an upcoming couple of month. As the Vivo stated you will get a couple of variants depending upon the sizes i.e. 42mm to 46mm accordingly you can select the one.

Apart from the physical overview when we talk about the Software and Hardware it is about to run on Google smart wear OS which is being sold to as many smartwatches which are coming out. Along with that the UI you will be of the Oxygen OS and the chipset will be of snapdragon. This is going to be the first watch belonging to the oneplus company so they have planned to to make it the top-notch and it will also compete with the other smartwatches in the industry.

When will be the Smartwatch Launch?

oneplus watch

As there is no any official confirmation of launch event but most probably according to the rumours the oneplus is going to launch the first-ever Smartwatch with the upcoming one plus 8T, as the Oneplus 8T pro routers are flowing on the way but there’s no chance to launch it this year. If you are the one who is quite interested in the oneplus Smartwatch, this would be a great news for you to grab it instantly after the launch event.

The Hype of oneplus Smartwatch is quite hired just because this is the first product to be launched by the oneplus in the smartwatch industry. We expect the pricing would be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, it totally depend upon the hardware and software the oneplus will provide. So stay tuned for that.

Final Verdict

Oneplus is considered to be one of the renewed brands in Technology just because there was to serve as many value for money products. From last couple of years they are doing pretty well job when it comes to the smartphone industry. Tediously they are moving towards the Other industries as well which means their growth is constantly increasing. First smartphone then earbuds and now smartwatch. So if you are a fanboy of oneplus this might be a good name for you about oneplus upcoming Smartwatch.

is oneplus has not claimed anything about it but the rumours are about to say it will be launched in an upcoming couple of months. If that interests you stay tuned for the launch event of oneplus upcoming smartphone i.e. One plus 8T just because the watch will launch on the exact same date.

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