HP Neverstop Laser All in One Wireless Printer with World’s First Toner Tank Easy Reload

HP Neverstop Laser is the World’s First Toner Tank with a very easy reload laser printer, presenting the HP Neverstop Laser 1200W. It is an all in One Printer that can scan, copy and print. Pricing in India is around Rs. 20,000.


This printer is made for office use / heavy use / high volume printing. You can print up to the  5000 pages and then also need to reload the toner. Now the number of pages depends on the type of print i.e. text print no issues but when you print text + images or just images of A4 size then you are not going to get up to 5000 pages but in fact quite very less.

So you can Print, Scan and Copy these function buttons which are given on the printer. The printer can also be connected via USB to a PC / Mac or wirelessly using Wi-Fi.

Talking about the HP Neverstop Laser 1200W print speed – it is about 20 pages per minute of A4 size. You can pause the printing to reload, cost per print is around 29 paise and the best thing I liked is the paper tray capacity, it can hold about 150 paper sheets.

You need to use the HP 103A back Original Neverstop laser toner reload kit or 108A AD dual pack.


Like the laser printer, this one is also doing a pretty impressive job. The print is really sharp and quality is very good compared with the ink tank printers.


HP Neverstop Laser All in One Wireless Printer with World’s First Toner Tank Easy Reload

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This is for the business use or for home use wherein your print requirement is high, and you are playing with monochrome print (this is not a color printer). And most importantly you need the print to be fast.

This printer is very cost-effective in the long run, would like to mention again, depends on the type of print you are doing ie text with images, only text, only image). It is a very good option for office use and even home uses based on your requirements.

It has got a printing speed of 20 ppm (A4) with a sharper, smoother and bolder text quality. The single and dual Laser Toner Reload Kits are also available at very competitive pricing, which customers can use as per their requirements which ensures the business continuity. The cost per page is starting at just 29 paise per page (with the dual laser Toner Reload Kit) offers customers the opportunity to print with a mess-free self-reload experience. HP’s Neverstop range on laser tank printers which includes Neverstop Laser 1000 series starting at Rs 15,846 for non-wireless and Rs 17,236 for the wireless printer. The HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200 series is also available from Rs 22,057  for Non-Wireless and Rs 23,460 for the wireless one. These new printers can also be used for easy mobile scanning and even printing with HP Smart App. Even the Reload toner kit can also be ordered directly from the HP Smart app.

With the new Neverstop portfolio of Laser Printers, HP also aims to address the SMB’s requirement of high-quality, high-volume, hassle-free, affordable printing solutions. HP Toner Reload Kit is also available at Rs 849 for the single pack and Rs 1449 for the double pack. A single pack can print 2500 pages.

HP also says that these new printers also provide the advantage of replacing the toner in 15 seconds and reducing the common printing interruptions related to loading and refilling of the toner. Claiming to be the world’s first Laser Tank Printer, the Neverstop series ships with enough toner to print 5,000 pages straight out of the box. 

The running cost of the HP Neverstop is 29 paise per page.

“The only difference between the traditional laser printers and the Neverstop series is that the latter does not use toner cartridges. Instead of that, there is an internal toner hopper which contains enough toner to print 5000 pages, which marks a big difference from many entry-level laser devices, which use toner cartridges,” adds Joseph.

As per Q1 2019 data from the IDC, in the print business, HP has maintained its leadership in the Hardcopy Peripherals (HCP) market with a share of more than 40 percent. 


HP Neverstop Laser All in One Wireless Printer

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The built and finishing is extremely good especially the White and Grey color combination which gives a unique and eye-catchy look. The design is also pretty and impressive, especially the paper loader cover and the gap between the paper and the scanner section, in the sense that this printer is rectangular kind only and takes limited space – perfect for office/home use.

This printer has a bottom loading paper mechanism, paper out is below the scanner module on the top. Plus on the top side, there is an LCD display with control buttons. Do note, this is also a  monochrome printer, not a color printer.

The HP Neverstop Laser is known as the  Never stop because you can print non-stop on this printer, you can easily reload toner levels in just 15 seconds with the HP Toner Reload Kit (sold separately).

Up to 60% savings on toner

Engineered for the high-volume printing – get 5.000 pages of toner right out of the box.

Thousands of pages right out of the box

Get 5000 pages of toner right out of the box – up to 7x more pages than in-class HP lasers.

Freedom to work anywhere

Get the simple setup, and print and scan from your phone, with the HP Smart app.

Simple, mess-free reload

Easy reload your toner with a mess-free experience.

Extend your printing reach

Get print speeds up to 20 ppm.

No network, no problem

Connect your smartphone or tablet device directly to your printer – and easily print without accessing a network.

Automate scanning tasks and save time

Connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer – and easily print without accessing a network.

Uncompromising laser quality

Produce sharp text and bold blacks for high-quality, black-and-white documents.

Ecolabel certified

HP Neverstop with Original HP Toner Reload Kit meets ecolabel requirements, including ENERGY STAR 3.0 and BLUE ANGEL.

Tackle the essentials – print, scan, copy

Breeze through all the tasks with versatile MFP performance – print, scan, and copy.

Fast printing

Quickly and easily restore all the toner levels with the toner reload kit.

Simple, intuitive control panel

Start printing right away. The intuitive control panel helps you complete projects quickly and easily.

cent of the market share.

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