HP Envy 15-ep0123tx Review: A Great Laptop for Creative Professionals

If you are in search for one of the legitimate and powerful laptop that will get your professional job done within a while, you should have a look upon the all-new HP Envy 15, which is termed to be the most lightweight and reliable laptop that serves you a great value.

Well, if you are eager to know more about the laptop, stick with this post till the end just because I am going to share an in-depth review of the laptop.

So when it comes to the creativity you will always need the powerful machine along with the lightweight but unfortunately, there are only a few options available in the market place amongst which you can opt. But in terms of Windows laptop, the all new HP Envy 15 has owned the Marketplace just because it has all of the features that make it genuinely worthy, whether it be high performance, portability, good looks, etc. All of the significant aspects are included.

Well, at 1,49,000, it’s one of the most value for money laptop that you can opt accordingly. Moreover, I have personally been the fanboy of the HP laptops, especially when it comes to the Envy series, which is termed to be a premium laptop. So let’s get deep into the complete review of the laptop that will let you know full information in terms of hardware and software. 

What are the specifications of HP Envy  15-ep0123tx?

Display:- Consists 15 inch with FHD screen.

RAM:- 16 GB 

Processor:- Intel i7 – 10750H

Storage:- SSD of 1TB.

Wireless connectivity:- Bluetooth 5 and wifi 6.

Battery:- 3 cell 83 wh

Ports:- single HDMI port, 2 types A USB ports, 2 Thunderbolt port 3, 1 micro sd card, one headphone jack.

Pricing:- 1,49,999/- 

How’s the design?

The design of the new HP Envy 15 is the main highlight, and that’s the reason why the envy series stands on the top of the market. Its sleek metallic design makes the true sense, which makes it even more minimal and trendy in look wise. The colors of the body are arranged in a proper manner, which makes it even more aggressive.

When it comes to the Logo department, it has a pretty much cool HP logo on the front of the laptop that comes in a metallic frame. And that’s what makes it even more eye-catchy and aggressive. I must say that HP Envy 15 – ep0123tx is top in the field which has a pretty dope design

The edges of the laptop are damn good. Also, you can handle it just by your one hand whereas most of the Windows laptop does not have that much comfortable feel when it comes to the body, but it owns all of the essential facts regarding the body. The hinges of laptops are also super useful. 

When it comes to the keyboard section, it is pretty much dope just because all of the keys might give you a feel of MacBook, as it is arranged in such a way that gives you a superb typing experience in case if you belong to productivity.

The speakers are at the bottom, which might not bother you just because this sounds super cool, but I genuinely like the arrangement which has been done. Additionally, when it comes to the business, they are pretty less compared to the other competitors, and that’s what makes it genuinely worthy in terms of look. So if you are the someone for whom looks matter the most, you should have an eye upon it. 

How’s the display of a laptop?

The all-new HP Envy 15 comes with FHD display quality, which gives you an incredible experience if you are using it for the entertainment purpose or consuming some sort of the movies just because it is an anti-glare display. So even if you are using it for the productivity purpose, you might not face any difficulty in terms of viewing angles, and that’s the reason why most of the professionals used to purchase the anti-glare display laptops.

What About performance?

The performance of laptop matters the most, and that’s the reason why most of the professionals usually go with the best performing laptops that serves them a great value. Underneath the HP Envy 15 power-packed with the all-new Intel Core i7 -10750H, which is clocked at 1.67 Hz. Not only that, but it also has 16 GB of RAM along with the faster 1 TB of NVMe SSD storage type, which will give you an incredible experience while using a laptop. 

The graphics processor consists of NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI GPU. Well, nothing to worry about just because they used to serve a free slot that makes right good sense so you can opt the RAM accordingly. If you’re genuinely looking for the best looking and premium laptop along with the high performance in its core, you should have a look upon it. 

Well, I can’t say that you can specifically purchase it for a gaming purpose, but surely if you’re about to use it for professional use, it would be a great option that you can hit in your list. 

So these were some of the features which are being highlighted by an HP, but you need to know about the pros and cons of a laptop that will give you a sure shot reason that whether you should buy it or not. So let’s do that. 

What are the pros and cons of HP Envy 15?

Based upon the performance and style, I have shortlisted some of the pros and cons that you should know if you are about to purchase the all-new HP Envy 15 laptop, so here are they:-


  • The design of the laptop is the main highlight, and that’s the main reason why most people might purchase it blindly.
  • The overall performance of a laptop is pretty good though it’s not a gaming laptop.
  • The display quality of the laptop is damn good.
  • The battery is long-lasting.


  • The backlit keyboard of the laptop is not that good, as it does not include the RGB lighting effect.
  • The price is slightly higher. 

Should you purchase the laptop or not?

Well, you might know that HP is a well-known brand in terms of software and hardware, and that’s the reason why most people use their products for no reason, so if you are a professional worker and willing to purchase an excellent performing blacktop along with the portability, you should go with it. Well, there might be other options available in the market place, but in terms of looks, I must say it is insane.

The pricing is pretty much higher but worth just because it gives you the value in terms of performance and looks that might not let you down at any instance. So you should have a look upon it, there are only a couple of color options available out there, amongst which you can opt according to your choice. So definitely check it out once. 

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