Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play Store is a product from Google which satisfies all your need for downloading applications and games as per need. Though it consists of vast numbers of collection you might not be able to find the specific applications which you need.

Most of the applications won’t support your device or applications that are just under the development stage in such cases the similar applications are available which does a similar job as the Google Play Store do. Play Store alternative plays an important role in order to download the applications that you cannot access the store.

Most of the alternative not only allow you to download the applications but also helps you to download the paid applications for free which makes the true sense of using it.

But before we get in touch with it is alternative options let me tell you that your Android device will automatically disable this application if you don’t allow it to access, so make sure to visit the settings and click on ‘unknown sources’ that will help you to run those applications without any issue.

So let’s move on to the list

Top 5 Best Google Play Store Alternatives In 2020

There are tons of alternatives available out there but I am gonna talk about the best ones only. So here’s the list of those.

1. Aptoide

Aptoide is a kind of trusted and most valuable resource which works as similar to the play store, so if you’re in search of the high-class alternative then this could be the best choice you made. The interface of Aptoide is quite objective which means you get to know about tons of applications depending upon the categories.

Aptoide consists of over 700,000 applications from which you can choose as per the requirements. It is considered to be the oldest and reliable platform that was launched back in 2009.

It’s the safest way to download open source applications for free, and the best part is that it’s a non-Chinese brand so you don’t have to worry much about the Securities.

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2. APK Mirror

As the name suggests APK mirror allows you to download all those with applications that are available on the Play Store for free, if you are in search of the legal applications then I’ll highly recommend you to go with the APK mirror. But here is the twist APK mirror doesn’t have any e dedicated application of their so you have to visit their website for downloading the specific application.

Play Store consists of Malware free applications and games, similarly, the APK Mirror does the kind of the same job, though it’s the website based platform but does the way similar job as the play store, even more than that.

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3. Mobogine 

Here comes another great alternative for the play store named Mobogeine, which comes with some of the advanced features that allow you to download some crazy software that is essential for you. One of the biggest USP of Mobogeine is that they support various regional languages and consists of tons of paid free applications.

Along with the applications and games, the Mobogeine also allows you to download the videos and images too from their official website. The interface of the Mobogeine is quite impressive which makes it so handy while using.

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4. Galaxy Apps

Google Play Store

If you are assessing user then you might be knowing about the Galaxy Apps which works tremendously well, and as it’s a Samsung product so there’s no doubt in the legalities and trust they offer you. The score of Galaxy apps has increased from the last few years which makes it a great alternative source in the list.

However, you can directly download it directly to your Android smartphone it doesn’t matter whether you are using a Samsung phone or not it works pretty file in all the Android devices that you are holding.

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5. GetAPK Market

GetAPK Market is the last but not the least platform and creates alternatives to the Google Play Store available out there. You just need to search the application you want to download India search bar and you are done, it will automatically fetch all of the applications that serve you a great value.

You will find all those with applications on Play Store for free so even if you are searching for the high classmate applications you can easily download it through GetAPK Market.

One of the great things I like about GetAPK Market is its an interface which is way better compared to the play store.

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Final Verdict

So these were the list of top 5 Google play store alternatives which plays an important role to download the paid applications for free. I have only included the legit alternatives only so that you might your device and data Will always remain safe at a certain instances. So make sure to check them out.

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