Dell Precision 5550 with 10th-gen CPU, Nvidia Quadro GPUs Launched in India

Dell is a kind of well-known brand in the tech industry that serves types of equipment related to Personal Computers and laptops. This time to upgrade the quality of laptop Dell has recently launched the all-new Precision 5550 consisting of some of the Advanced hardware like 10th gen CPU (Intel) and cokes with the NVIDIA Quadro GPU they’ll provide you a great output while performing the tasks.

Well, Dell has designed this laptop especially for those techies who’re in search of the lightweight and powerful machine so that to carry anywhere you want. The weight distribution of the laptop is managed in a proper manner. So if you’re quite interested in this stuff, stick to the post I’ll be covering a lot more details about that.

So let’s hop into it. 

Main Highlights

  • Dell promises that Precision 5550 is one of the lightest and thinnest laptops of all time.
  • The laptop is consists of 10th Gen Intel processor CPU along with NVIDIA Quadro graphics.
  • Dell Precision 5550 is available at Rs 1,29,999.

All You Need To About Laptop

The machine is specifically designed for the professional creators and the engineers out there. Dell claims that it is the powerful machine that is lightest and thinnest amongst all which comes with a 15-inch display which can be called a mobile workstation which gets your job done more frequently.

When it comes to the GPU the all-new Dell precision 5550 comes with newly launched 10th Generation Intel Processor along with the high-end graphics card i.e. NVIDIA Quadro T2000 which is fair enough for the daily purpose and for rendering. The price is pretty impressive, as Dell launched it at Rs 1,29,999 which is acceptable.

Compared to the previous generation laptop the Dell Precision 5550 is kind of six percent smaller in size. It comes with a 92 % display body ratio this covered, so you might get good viewing details while examining your work. The chassis of the laptop is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber which makes it sturdy inbuilt quality. Dell officially declared that the weight of the laptop might be up to 1.84 KG depending upon the configuration you buy.

The main highlight of the laptop displays, the details are mentioned below:-

  • Display Size Of Laptop:- 15.6 inches 
  • Aspect ratio:- 16:10 which supports HDR400 standard
  • Resolution of laptop:- Full HD+ (1920×1200) / UHD+ (3840×2400) with touch screen

Dell precision 5550 consists of two models in which two different processors include i.e. 10th Gen Intel Core i9 10885H and Xeon W-10855M both consist of Graphics card of NVIDIA T2000 GPU. The RAM is of 4GB GDDR6 memory which is expandable according to your need. It’ll help you to maximize the potential of the machine. The storage type is SSD i.e. 2TB of M.2 PCle which helps your PC to work even faster compared to the HDD which takes much time to boot.

If you are a user or a professional visa then I will highly recommend you go with this option available in the marketplace. This is a great machine for the pro users like creators, graphic designers, coders, filmmakers to get their heavy-duty usage done.

Now that’s fair enough to know about the internal features now let’s move on to the external entities that you need to know about the all-new Dell precision 5550. The black TOP design consists of two C type thunderbolt along with the SD card slot which is usually useful while merging the data. The USB slot is of 3.2 Gen2 of C-type port.

One of the great advantages that make the Dell precision 5550 special is that it consists of dual-fan Technology and heat pipes which cause the component of the laptop, eventually, it’ll help you while doing the heavy work used on the machine. Along with all support the company also claims of providing the fast charging support to the laptop due to which the machine will get charged up to 35% within 20 minutes.

If your main purpose is to get graphics visual kind of work that includes graphic design, rendering, editing, coding, etc. Then I would say this the perfect machine built for you. It consists of high-performance hardware along with the premium look which makes it even look better compared to the previous version.

For Whom It Is Perfect? 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro user on test for the casual user it suits all kinds of users but specifically in terms of specifications and hardware the machine is made up for the editing, rendering, coding, etc. The purpose which gets your job done even if you do heavy usage with it.

Final Verdict

Social we have seen how Dell Precision 5550 completes insane specification and hardware along with the look which gives it a premium feel. I will highly recommend to those who are in search for the best and lightweight laptop along with the great hardware support.

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