How to Permanently Delete Your TikTok Account on iPhone or Android

Going back to the reports according to the survey is been come to know that the Tiktok was considered to be one of the largest social media platform especially used for sharing extremely short videos with others. A lot more passionate creators of any age were creating the content.

The Government of India has recently banned tiktok along with 59 other applications which were the Chinese applications ruling all across the country. The decision was seamless and when it comes to Tik Tok which was considered to be one of the content creating platforms were banned a couple of times before too in India.

But for now, the Government of India has finally decided to permanently ban the Tiktok, as the content was useless which was considered to be the waste of time.

Here in this post I will help you so that to delete the Tik Tok account permanently from your iphone as well as Android phone so that your phone will always remain secure and away from Chinese app.

But before I take you to the process let me convey you few more things that are essential for you to know about.

All you need to know about After Effects of deleting the Tiktok

None of the social media applications out there wants you to let go and here comes the Tiktok which was widely used all across the country for entertainment purposes. So if you are the one who has decided to finally quit the Tiktok account then you must be aware of the After Effects that essentially plays a big role.

Before you delete tiktok account let me tell you that you will never be able to get access to the same account. The next and most important thing is all the videos that you have created on Tiktok will get deleted for good reason. The items with your purchase via Tiktok will not get refund in case you’ve not had the seller’s contact. Another big thing is your profile will completely get delete so that you won’t be able to get backup of the specific video.

Deactivate the Tiktok account if you want a temporary break from it


In case if you have created a lot more videos using the Tiktok, it might be not a good option for you to completely quit that Tik Tok on deleting the account for no reason in such cases you can take a break from it for your personal use. The procedure super simple way you click on the delete button social media application will deactivate your account for about 30 days. During those 30 days of the time, your account will not be visible to the public so that you can manage it according to you. And once you’ve decided to completely delete the account permanently you can do that any time anytime.

If you want you can download your Tiktok data

So if you decided to finally delete the Tik Tok permanently make sure to download the subsequent data which you have posted on the Tiktok profile. This is the very first thing you should do so as to maintain your backup data, a similar thing happens with all of the social media applications that you are using right now. The process is super simple just post a request for downloading all of your data and that’s it. Following are some of the data you need to download from Tiktok:-

  • Profile:- profile is a major part of each social media account that you create it consists of photos, descriptions, bio, email mobile number, etc. Make sure to download all of the things that are essential for you.
  • Activities:- your activity might include the videos and the content that you have shared with other creators of there or with your friends, should download all of the things accordingly.

The process to download the files from Tiktok

Follow the process mentioned below so as to download the data from TikTok:-

  • It is very first to make sure to open Tiktok in your device (Android as well as iPhone), then tap on the profile icon given in the bottom right corner of your phone screen.
  • After entering into the profile tap on the horizontal ellipses at the top right corner of your phone screen.
  • You will see ‘privacy and safety’  option over there, tap on that one. 
  • In that tap on ‘Personalization and data’ mentioned over there.
  • There you’ll see the ‘ download your data’ option from where you’ll be able to download all of your Tiktok data (if any).
  • Just in the next screen, you will see the ‘request data file’, tap on that.
  • Once you do that the app will automatically notify you when the data will get stored in the device/ downloaded.

How to delete Tiktok Permanently from your phone? 

 On your Android or iOS device making sure to open the Tiktok application and visit the profile over there.

  • Now tap on the horizontal 3 vertical dots over there. 
  • Tap on ‘manage my account’. 
  • Next tap on ‘delete my account’.
  • The verification will be sent to you, make sure to verify it subsequently.
  • At the very last in the confirmation message will appear right on your phone screen, so make sure to read that one out before proceeding furthermore.
  • Tap on the ‘delete account’ button. 
  • Finally, tap on the delete to confirm.
  • As mentioned above in this article for about 30 days your account will be deactivated and after that, the account will finally get deleted permanently.

Final Verdict

To Techadvisor Pro we used to provide the full details about the tech. Huge controversy was going out there and that’s what we’ve helped you from so as to get rid of Tiktok which is essentially a Chinese application that was ruling in India from the last couple of years.  Though it was considered to be one of the best social media applications eventually it came to know that it was capturing the data and personal info from the user itself. Through our post, we’ve helped you to delete the TikTok account permanently, follow the process for the same.

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