23 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives for Enhanced Privacy

Recently the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications that were ruling on across India in a large amount. The reason that came to know behind banning the Chinese application is that they were collecting the information from Indian users. In order to protect the cyberspace Indian government has decided to finally ban the use of non-Chinese applications which was not essential for the user at a certain instant.

Not only that world’s top 2 best companies in the Tech world i.e. Apple and Google also removed those applications from the play store and app store, which is the Great move. But due to high demand most of the Indian interest vehicles connected to applications application and here we came across the 23 best Chinese app alternatives which you can use to maximize your workflow.

The thing is that the application which we are going to discuss will enhance your privacy, and works as similar to the Chinese applications you don’t have to worry much about their working process.

So without any further delay let’s get start to the applications list.

Top 23 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives 2020

1. Triller

No doubt Tiktok was considered to be one of the leading social media platforms where millions of videos were posted each day globally. But there was certain privacy issue that appeared according to the survey. So here comes the best in class a similar application with works pretty similar to the Tiktok which is named Triller.

The best thing is it is available for both IOS and Android devices.

2. Google Chrome

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Google Chrome has acquired most of the user’s attention due to some of the additional features which it comes up with. If you are looking for the best and most reliable surfing application then Google Chrome is the best alternative for UC Browser.

You can install it free from Play Store and app store.

3. ShareChat

ShareChat is the best alternative of Helo which was considered to be the social media platform where most of the users get connected with each other. But due to the leak of data and personal info that application was removed from each major source.

4. Files

Files are the best alternative source of shareit which was leading the Marketplace for sharing the files and data transfer.

5. Adobe Scan

Since the beginning, Camscanner was only in the Marketplace for scanning the documents and converting the files from PDF to Word but here comes the Adobe scan which is the best alternative source and one of the trusted tools.

6. ProtonVPN 

Proton VPN is the best alternative source of the TurboVPN which was having no limit of using the data.

7. Norton App Lock

You can use the Norton app lock which is the best alternative of the AppLock which is essential in today’s world to make your device safe.

8. WhatsApp 

From the very beginning, WhatsApp has owned the market but do they are very few people who were using the WeChat. But WhatsApp still ranks on the top so you can use it if you were the WeChat User.

9. Kinemaster

One of the most advanced Android video editing software is named kinemaster which is the best alternative for The Viva video which was used widely in India.

10. Candy Camera

Candy camera comes off with the most advanced mode feature which might blow up your mind. It is considered to be the best alternative for BeautyPlus.

11. Keepsafe

If you want to secure your photos and videos then keep safe is the advanced application which you can use instead of vault hide.

12. Google News

If you usually swipe up your screen for having a lookup on the news then you can use is just made for you, instead of using UC news, you can use it in a more productive manner.

13. Avast Antivirus 

Avast antivirus is the best and most reliable virus cleaner application available on the Play Store and App store which you can use instead of virus cleaner.

14. Greenify

Greenify saves your phone battery which is essential for every smartphone user. Instead of DU battery saver, you can use Greenify which helps you to save a few amounts of battery percentage.

15. Myntra

Myntra is the shopping application which is the best and most reliable application instead of a club factory that was owning the market.

16. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the product from Microsoft which is a free platform available on the Play Store and the app store which you can use instead of the WPS office. Microsoft Office consists of some of the insane features which will blow up your mind as it is a productivity application.

17. Screen Recorder No Ads

Screen Recorder is the best alternative of the DU recorder which helps you to record the screen in the video format. If you are a content creator then this application I will help you a lot in various aspects.

18. Clone App

The best and most reliable application which allows you to run more than one but the same application with a different account in a single device. It is the most useful application for the user who has more than one account on a single application. It is the best the alternative source of parallel space.

19. SD Maid

To clean the device most of the people we are using Clean Master or DU cleaner but here comes the SD Maid which is a great platform available out there.

20. Solid Explorer

ES File Explorer consists of various inbuilt customized feature which attracts the user instead of that now you can hand on to the solid explorer which is as similar to the ES File Explorer.

21. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the best alternative of the main master which was usually used to you send the mail.

22. Google Duo

Instead of MI video call, you can use Google duo which is a high-quality video-conferencing application that allows you to get in touch with your loved ones via the audio call.

23. Hola

Hola is the conference call application that you can use WeMeet which was the nop notch application out there.

Final Verdict

By using the above top 23 non-Chinese applications, you can maximize your workflow in a more productive. So make sure to choose amongst the application instead of going for the Chinese application which used to collect the data for no reason.

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