Beyerdynamic T1 and T5 (3rd-Gen) Over-Ear Headphones Launched in India

The trend of over the ear headphones are still ongoing just because of the huge demand in the products, there are several brands out there which are about to Discover their most valuable over-ear headphones that serve you a Great Value when it comes to the output. This time we are about to preview all the all-new Beyerdynamic T1 & T2 3rd Generation over-ear headphones which is recently launched in India at a great price. So let’s see if it is worth for money or not.


The Beyerdynamic is it German audio equipment company that usually served as a great product when it comes to the audio industry. More importantly their products are truly worthy but pretty expensive. So if you are the one for whom the audio is quite important you should definitely grab this one right from the 

The company recently launched a couple of over-ear headphones named as T1 & T5, when both of them are pretty impressive when it comes to the output but has some sort of difference which might bother you at any instance. When it comes to the physical overview the T1 consists of open design whereas T5 sports consist of closed design. The company claims of providing the Aerodynamic and Ultra sound capacity which might give you an awesome experience like you are at the concert.

The listeners will amazed by the features provided by the company which is truly insane and most importantly none of the other brand used to serve that much of value. The company also used to serve the spatial sound, more importantly you’ll receive more warmer and crispy bass effect. So whenever you are listening to the dip sound effects for visualizing effects like rock, lofi or jazz genre you will get an awesome experience which makes it kind of worthy. 

What are the features of T1 & T5 Over ear headphones?

As the features are concerned more importantly the physical quality of the headphone is damn good so no complaint about that. Overall that phone is made up of study material that will last for longer time even if you use it roughly. The ergonomic design is quite subjective that’ll provide an awesome feel and the 3D sound effect is truly beneficial. Those who have it conscious about the sound effects might be a great option that you could opt for the betterment of your audio experience. 

The headphones in itself good piece of product that comes with brushed aluminum and anodized yokes, the headbands ke the headphones is of Alcantara which gives you a better comfort when we compare it with the Sony’s premium headphone which falls into the same category but there’s lot much difference in pricing. 

The overall frame of the headphone is made up of brushed metal lacquered aluminum housing minus, while building in your hand you will feel the premiumness of headphones that won’t look cheaper. For the better comfort the company has given both the headphones (T1 & T5) has the memory foam ear pads that’ll provide you a better comfort, so even if you use these headphones for a long time it will never feel tiredness as it’s a comfortable headphone of all time. 

When we talk about earpads let me tell you that T1 consists of a breathable soft velour cover whereas the T5 consists of synthetic leather which improves overall experience and gives you a comfortable feel. Debate is something that you should not ignore when it comes to the headphone just because most of do premium headphones use two weigh much more that might not gives you a better and comfortable feel. 

This time the all new Beyerdynamic T1 & T2 both comes with the weight of just 360gm which is acceptable and might not bother you that much just because the output you get is truly insane. The frequency rate of both headphones is near about 5 to 50,000 Hz. The power consumption is 300W which makes the true sense. Both the headphones comes with the detachable cables which provides you an experience of using the headphones in the full form. 

Additionally you get also access to the 3.5 mm headphone jack that you can attach with your phone itself. So in case you are supposed to get the awesome experience of sound effects you should definitely choose this one it’s because most of the features are truly worthy but when it comes to the pricing it’s quite expensive. 

What’s the pricing of T1 & T5 headphones?

The pricing is kind of important factor that you should not ignore at any instance, the all new Beyerdynamic T1 & T5 headphones comes at the price of 94,599 INR. You can purchase it from an eCommerce Store i.e. exclusively from it doesn’t matter what is your primary goal just because it is a power-packed product that can be used for several purposes. 

Final Verdict

Headphones are considered to be the most effective product of all time, if you’re supposed to get the most effective sound experience you should definitely opt the T1 & T5. As the pricing is bit concerned you can purchase it from the The pro listeners and deep music content consumption can be done at a high instance.  if that sounds great to you do check it out accordingly.

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